With the development of GPS and the growth of online mapping, the world-wide territory is being increasingly documented.

Tools such as Google Maps or Google Earth, providing "augmented" maps, enable people to take ownership of the territory by adding dynamic content : favorite places, videos, pre-recorded GPS routes...
In parallel, the Flickr website (free hosting of public and private photographs) provides the storing of geo-localized images (more and more cameras have built-in GPS). 2,5 million geo-tagged photographs are available online.

The Road Between Us is a generator of imaginary travels and fictitious GPS journeys. Made from the photographs available on Flickr, these routes are viewable in Google Earth in a kind of spatial slideshow.
These journeys, which are micro-narratives, are generated iteratively. Therefore, The road between us provides a form of narration, which isn't thematic, but specific to the space device itself.
The Road Between Us was created by Emilie Brout & Maxime Marion (cc 2008), with support from the Ensad Lab - FdM